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Rental Office building new Tornada Caldas da Rainha - terrace, meeting room, air conditioning, equipped

Phone 214 678 420   Mob 919 109 065
  • REFRF-1180LM-(2)
  • LocationTornada
  • Area1380 m² | 1525 m²
  • StatusNew
  • Construction-
  • View-
  • Town Centre-
  • Beach Dist-
  • Energy Efficiency
EUR 7.000
± USD 7.491   GBP 5.923
  • County: Leiria
  • Town: Caldas da Rainha
  • Parish: União das Freguesias de Tornada e Salir do Porto
  • Location: Tornada
Fully equipped office building for rent in Leiria.

Located in the industrial area of Tornada, in Caldas da Rainha, less than 100 km from Lisbon and close to the access to the A8 motorway.

The building is already recognized by international companies due to its excellent conditions to be used as a Call Centre.

This building is set on a plot of 1,525sqm, with a gross construction area of 1,454sqm, which is distributed over 4 floors.

The ground floor is the reception area where the elevator is accessed.
Still on this floor are three divisions, currently used for training actions.

The first floor has two rooms of about 150sqm each, and a meeting room of 40sqm.
The 2nd floor is similar to the 1st in terms of distribution of areas, although currently one of the rooms is used for the socialization of employees, and two rooms each with about 20sqm.

On the 3rd and last floor, we have a space of about 50sqm, currently used as a dining room containing tables/ chairs, and vending machines for snacks, as well as a small covered terrace.

The building has a parking area.

Having underwent renovation in 2015, this building is equipped with soundproof walls, air conditioning in all rooms, as well as fully prepared for its use.

We invite you to come and meet this excellent business opportunity.
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RealFolioAv. do Lago, nrº 510
2765-420 Estoril
  • Telephone
    214 678 420
    919 109 065
  • Website
  • AMI
Porto | Escritório
Av. de França, nrº256 8ºPiso
4050-276 Porto
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